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  • Tuesday Night Track is unfortunately back to “you’re on your own.”  Watch Mel’s weekly email or our social feeds for Coach Phil’s workout.
  • 2022 Registration now available–see below.
  • Check out our list of Club Record holders here.  #Goals
  • Please support our efforts to convince the City of Santa Clarita to build a public-use track.  Sign our petition here.

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Santa Clarita Runners Club
Santa Clarita Runners Club
Tuesday Track.

Was your marathon canceled? Are you upset with all the hard work you have put in? We have a way to take out your aggressions, INTERVALS!

This week Coach P&P have a nice workout for that. They suggest;

2 X 800
2 X 600
2 X 400
2 X 300
2 X 200

Take 1 to 2 minutes rest in between.

We have a group that meets at 7:00 A.M. in the Lowes parking lot and a evening group that meets at Duane Harte Park at 6:00 P.M.
Santa Clarita Runners Club
Santa Clarita Runners Club
The SCRs along with the city of Santa Clarita regret to announce that the upcoming Santa Clarita marathon is canceled.

Due to public safety concerns, including the shortage of ambulances, delayed response times and rising number of Covid cases, the city regretfully announces the cancellation of the marathon.

All registered runners will be issued a full refund to their original form of payment.

For more information about the cancellation contact the city at 661-259-3787 or aeo@santa-clarita.com
Santa Clarita Runners Club
Santa Clarita Runners Club
Tuesday Track. We are back to on our own again due to lack of usable track facilities. We are working on it once again.

Longer intervals but longer recovery to start the New Year. This is an out and back workout.

1000 out, 400-200r-400 return.
800 out, 300-200r-300 return
600 out, 200-200r-200 return

Take the usual 1 to 2 minutes between efforts. Coach P&P

Some SCRs meet at 7 AM by the Lowes parking lot. Another group meets at Duane Harte park at 6 PM.

Come join the fun and start the new year off right!
Santa Clarita Runners Club
Santa Clarita Runners Club

New Year’s Day run. Do to the recent rains and muddy conditions, the New Year’s Day run will be moving locations.

We will not be at Vasquez Rocks. We are changing to Heritage Park. 24155 Newhall Ranch Rd, Valencia.

We will meet at 8:00 AM. The run can any distance you like, with an easy 5 mile loop from the park. We will provide the coffee and you provide the snacks.

See you there!
Santa Clarita Runners Club
Santa Clarita Runners Club
Thirsty Night Run.

Yes a little play on words for our Thursday Night Run. Why, because just thinking of Telco Brewery makes us thirsty. Especially after a great 4-5 mile run around the local roads and bike trails!

Telco Brewery, 27825 Fremont Ct STE 13, Santa Clarita, CA 91355

Tempo Run on the Santa Clarita Bike Paths. This is a 4-5 mile course. We regroup on key points. We will meet at the parking lot at 6:15 P.M.

Come for the run, stay for the beer and great company!
Santa Clarita Runners Club
Santa Clarita Runners Club
Merry Christmas From The Santa Clarita Runners.


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Where Are We Running?

To see where we are running next, click below for our calendar or see our Weekly Workouts below.


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    Weekly Workouts

    Sunday Long Runs

    Our Sunday morning long run distances provide excellent training for the Los Angeles Marathon in the spring and the Santa Clarita (or New York) Marathon in the fall.  Check our calendar for this week’s distance.

    Not running a marathon?  Routes of other distances are available as well.

    6:30am – Granary Square, 25830 McBean Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355

    Tuesday Night Track

    Weekly track workout hosted/coached by Phil Howard.  Coach Howard provides a different workout each week, designed to increase your speed and endurance.  All levels welcome!
    Club members only.
    Please bring water only (no sports drinks).
    You’re on your own, see Mel’s emails or our social feeds for Coach Phil’s workout of the week

    Thursday Night Tempo

    Our Thursday Night Tempo runs offer a different course each week along the trails of Santa Clarita.  The route is typically 4-6 miles, with shorter options available.  We regroup at key points along the way.

    Dinner together after the run.

    6:15pm – Location Varies (check our Calendar); location is also posted on our Facebook site on the day of the run.

    Saturday Morning LoweNuts Run

    Also known as the LoweBucks run (at least until Starbucks moved), this is a standing 10-mile out-and-back course with various marked shorter routes.

    Coffee afterwards at Starbucks.

    7:00am – Lowe’s parking lot near Dunkin Donuts / In-N-Out, 26415 Bouquet Canyon Rd Santa Clarita, CA

    Club Sponsors

    Santa Clarita Runners, P.O. Box 800298, Santa Clarita, CA 91380-0298