SCR Board of Directors


Name: Melanie Cotterell
Board Position: President
Year joined SCR: 2001 or so
Current Age Group: 55-59 (for another couple of months)

What you like about SCRunners?
The fun and inspiring people I’ve met with the common interest of running. Weekly club events you normally participate in: Tuesday track, Thursday tempo and Saturday long run


Name: Dennis Lebman
Board Position:
Vice President
Year joined SCR:
Current Age Group:

What you like about SCRunners?

Getting to run with others that share the passion for running. The social events are fun. Volunteering at races the club does timing for.
Weekly club events you normally participate in: Saturday Lowes and Sunday Granary Square

Name: John Toth
Board Position: Policies & Procedures
Year joined SCR: 2001
Current Age Group: 55-59

What do you like about SCRunners?
I love the unpretentious nature of club members. SCR members include doctors, lawyers, corporate executives, members of law enforcement organizations, plumbers, instructors, and health care professions, but few, if any, care about what one does for a living, and a sense of respect for everyone pervades the club.

Although we are a running club, the social aspect is a huge reason why I have been a part of the club for almost two decades. I have made incredible friendships through this club, and I treasure the time that I am able to spend running with club members and chatting over coffee.  However, this camaraderie extends beyond those weekly runs.  Chances are you will find a friendly companion, or more, in the club for your next adventure; whether having a pint at a local brewery or traveling across the globe for a destination race, it is likely you can find an SCR willing and ready to join you.

Finally, I am grateful for all of the support and encouragement that I have received from the club.  I became a much stronger runner as a result of this support, and the dedication and commitment of other club members has been truly inspiring in helping me to achieve my goals.

Weekly club events you normally participate in:  Mostly just the Sunday marathon training runs, but also Thursday tempo runs before a board meeting, and an occasional Saturday run.

Name:  Richard Rivadeneira
Board Position: At Large
Year Joined SCR: 2014
Current Age Group: 45-49

Weekly club events you normally participate in: Tuesday track, Thursday tempo, Saturday Lowesbuck.

What you like about SCRunners?
You meet like-minded individuals, being introduced to a whole new social circle, while improving your overall fitness. Joining SCRunners has been a game changer for me. It allowed me to learn about and take part in other sports such as cycling and triathlons. Over the years I’ve met four of the closest people in my life because our running club. It has also provided me an opportunity to volunteer and give back to our local community. Finally, there’s really no substitute for knowing you’re all in it together when you’re training for or participating in a race. Yes, it’s true that SCRunners are a competitive group by nature but most importantly we encourage each other and we’re proud of everyone’s accomplishments. You’ll meet people at various stages in their running life and you come to realize, you don’t need to be the fastest or strongest to really enjoy running or the SCRunners club. I’m thrilled to return as a board member and look forward to another great year.

Name: K.J. (Kwang-Jae) Yi
Board Position: At Large
Year joined SCR: 7 years
Current Age Group: 55-59

Weekly club events you normally participate in:  Tuesday track, Thursday tempo, Saturday Lowenuts (Lowes Dunkin DoNUTS), and Sunday Granary

What you like about SCRunners?
Wonderful friends I gained and friends helping you get stronger.

Name:  Chris Louie
Board Position: Membership
Year joined SCR: 2008
Current Age Group: 50-54 – I just joined it in December and I feel it is one of the toughest age groups around!

Weekly club events you normally participate in: Sunday from Granary, Tuesday track, ad hoc morning workouts, Saturday from Lowes. The annual ones are as many as I can attend!

What you like about SCRunners?
I really like the variety of members that we have. Not only in regard to the variety of speeds but the variety of interests, professions, backgrounds, and goals. It is great to associate with people that have different training and running goals. There are some members that are new to running and others have been running for decades, there are some that run ultra-marathons and others that are running for fitness. Our club is welcoming, and I enjoy the friendship and camaraderie of others that are out there to have fun. I also like to have people that will listen to all my jokes and puns. Forward motion!

Other notes: I am doing many local events and travelling to various venues to race or visit throughout the year (Glacier National Park and Mount Desert Island to name a few). If you are interested, let me know.

Name: Paola Howard
Board Position: Treasurer
Year joined SCR: 1994
Current age group: 55-59

Weekly events I usually participate in: Track on Tuesday, Group run on Thursday, Lowe’s run on Saturday.

What I like about SCRunners?
SCRs are a wonderful group of people with different backgrounds, careers, running abilities, aspirations and motivations. It always amazes me how long it takes us to finish chatting and say goodbye after a workout even though we just saw each other 2 days ago or less! There always seems to be plenty of stories, tips, advice and jokes to share! SCR members are generous with their time when volunteers are needed whether it be for a race or a particular charity event. Having moved from the UK (nearly 26 years ago now!), this group quickly became my family and are a big part of my life.

Name: Phil Howard
Board Position: At Large
Year joined SCR: 1994
Current Age Group: 50-59

Weekly club events you normally participate in:  Tuesday Track, Thursday Tempo, Saturday Lowes

What you like about SCRunners:
Being a foreigner here myself, the running club is my family and I couldn’t choose a better one

Name:  Elizabeth (Liz) Conzevoy
Board Position: SCRambler Editor
Year joined SCR: 2019
Current Age Group: 40-45

Weekly club events you normally participate in:  Thursday Tempo, Saturday Lowes

What do you like about SCRunners?
I’m so grateful for the new friends I have met and so thankful and blessed for all the new experiences I have had because of this great group of people.  I think the first time I truly understood what I was a part of, was last year finishing my first full marathon in many years at Mountains to Beach in 4:30.  You were all there waiting for me cheering me on even though you had finished hours ago doing the half.  I’ll never forgot that moment!  And outside of running, going shopping, drinking wine, meeting for lunch, and even touring Union Station, you are an amazing group of people!  I am so proud to publish your articles this year of your amazing accomplishments.