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Estimated Training Paces**
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Long Run 

* These equivalent times assume that you are equally good for various distances given the same amount of talent and training for the distance.

** These paces are based on percentages of your VO2 max, which is estimated from your entered race time.  Physiological tests should be used if you wish to determine optimum training paces accurately.  Note that optimum training paces can vary from day to day, so learning what the paces should feel like is often better than going for a fixed time.


Daily running, what you usually do between hard days. This should be a comfortable pace where you could carry on a conversation while running.

This is also called Lactate Threshold or Anaerobic Threshold pace. This pace is typically run as a hard, but not all-out, run of 20 to 30 minutes (longer for an elite runner). Running around this pace helps improve the pace you can run without building excessive lactic acid (a primary cause of fatigue).  Long track intervals may also be run at this pace.
VO2 Max

The pace where your body uses the maximum amount of oxygen you can take in.  Running at this pace helps increase the body's ability to take in and use oxygen.  This is a normal pace for fast track intervals for distance runners.

This pace approaches a runners maximum leg speed, and as highly anaerobic can only be maintained for a short time.  Short, fast intervals at this speed improves your maximum leg speed, and is also used to work on your form.
Long Run

This is the range of paces for runs significantly longer than your normal daily mileage.

For runners training for a marathon, doing some running at this pace helps in developing a sense of proper pacing and prepares a runner for long periods at this pace.  The pace shown here may be different than in the equivalent race section since it was calculated using a different method.

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